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Salami Wizard
Salami Wizard
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Greetings, zombie Salamis!
We are excited to announce the new and latest updates coming to "DARK ARK"!
Date: 12/18/2020


Steam Servers
Server Updates
Update: Changed the server name from "DARKARK.GG - RAGNAROK" to "DarkArk - Ragnarok S1 [NA-PVP]"
Reason: With 2020 coming to an end we have decided it's best to reset the seasons back down to SEASON 1 in the name. We have decided to remove the CAPS inside the name to make it more visually appealing for the eye to read over. The new format is based on this: "Name | Map | Season | Region" we believe this format has the main details listed and can be promoted easier. This effect will apply to both PC(STEAM) and CONSOLE(XBOX/PSN) servers!

Update: Added new ingame command "/farm"
Reason: This allows for players to look at, ride, or pick up (with argy, crab, quetz, skiff) and use a /farm command to toggle the dino on/off for auto swinging to harvest.

Update: Completely modified and revamped the current in-game supply drops.
Reason: Last season and this current season, we have run many polling data through nakedzombos youtube channel and the discord directly. We have found that the in-game community wanted a revamp of the current in-game supply drops. Most users enjoyed the current supply drops but expressed opinions on increasing blueprint chances and attempting to make them more official in terms of the random % data. This new revamp of supply drops in-game should offer better variety while offering better %/values/blueprint and other data.
Notes: This new supply drops in-game will be deployed this current season and tested out. If most users don't support or like the new system, we can always revert. We do feel confident this new system will give a much more enjoyable experience when farming supply drops.

Update: Increased dino harvesting multiplier.
Reason: Some of the in-game players have suggested slightly increase the dino harvesting multiplier to match the same one being used for the official small tribe's maps. We have increased this multiplier to better match official changes done to small tribe's maps.

Update: Doubled the structure limits in-game.
Reason: We have decided to increase the structure limits in-game to offer tribes a faster grind experience and a more enjoyable gameplay ride. This means you can craft double the amount of crafting stations and structures compared to old settings.

Update: Boss kits modified
Reason: We have changed some of the donator boss kits to match the current in-game map cluster setup better.

Update: Created new databases for staff ranks and donator ranks.
Reason: We have decided to make the darkark and dead deli clusters share the same database for permissions groups in-game. This means donators who donate on our website located HERE can now join darkark or the dead deli and have their donator rank on both environments simultaneously. This allows donators to select which cluster they want to play on without losing their donator ranks by switching. We have also created a new back-end labeling system for dead deli and darkark staff member in-game titles to make it easier to determine which staff member has which title on which cluster.

Patch Notes:
Patch: We have decided to remove the "Dino Wandering Plugin" active on the servers.
Reason: Around 2 updates ago, ark released new INI settings that support dino wandering concepts, making the plugin loaded a waste of performance space currently. Since ark now handles dino wandering within the vanilla game, we feel a plugin doesn't warrant being loaded.
Patch: Fixed a bug where the SS fabricator in-game didn't match the vanilla fabricator speeds.
Reason: A bug was reported of the ss fabricator speed being faster or slower than the official fabricator speed in-game.
Patch: Updated the in-game adverts plugin.
Reason: We have written up new in-game adverts to match the new settings/rates and website changes for URL changes.
Patch: Modified backend game.ini and gus.ini files.
Reason: The old system used multiple INI files being set up on a scheduled upload to work with weekend rates. This new modified system will only use 3 INIs to automatically run the entire cluster for weekend rates and automatically replace the INIs when we wipe with the modified changes. This new system will require less staff intervention and make everything more automated, making the flow of things work more efficiently.

Website Changes
Website Updates
Update: Finished the homepage for Homepage - ARK: Survival Evolved servers
Update: Moved announcements into the forums instead of discord. The forums will automatically post the announcements directly into discord to see the website's full details and see a sneak peek inside the discord announcements when changes go live.
Update: Finished coding/creating the custom web theme for the new forums setup.
Update: Added custom discord interaction system to forums where bans will automatically sync from website to discord, and nicknames will also automatically change the users in discord to match their forum user name to make it easier to find the users on the website and in discord. We've also added custom logging to watch website traffic directly through discord logging channels for staff only.
Update: When you add your discord rank to your xenforo forums account, it will auto-unlock an in-game rank for you. This in-game rank will let you unlock custom in-game kits and an exclusive in-game rank.
Update: Discord ranks and website ranks will sync with each other automatically. So if you have a donator rank on discord, you will automatically unlock it on the forums website.
Update: Created an exclusive dark version of the current theme that donators can unlock and use on the forums.
Update: I started to design and create custom forum tags for unlocking users, as shown on this nakedzombo account.
Update: Upgraded our donation system to accept over 50+ new payment methods to increase donation flow.
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NakedZombo and the team behind the video game servers want to personally thank everyone for stopping by and visiting our forums. We strive to provide some of the highest quality ark survival evolved servers out there by giving you guys the best custom content to enhance your gaming experience.

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