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Salami Wizard
Salami Wizard
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Greetings, zombie Salamis!
We are excited to announce the new and latest updates coming to "DARK ARK"!
Date: 1/1/2021

Steam Servers
Server Updates

Update: Subscription Ranks will now run a 75% OFF SALE for the next 3 months!
Reason: We've decided to kickstart the 2021 year by offering a 3 MONTH EXTENDED period time for subscription ranks to give everyone a cheaper price structure why keeping the donation package quality high.

Update: Added a new ARENA into the event map.
Reason: We added a new paintball themed arena for the event map to host future events inside.

Update: Improved the in-game advert messages to be less spammy and more friendly to new players.
Reason: Old adverts were using outdated URLs to websites and other places that no longer are being used and exist.

Update: Donator kits now stack when purchasing multiple ranks.
Reason: We've made it so now when you purchase more the one donator rank your in-game kits will stack up this makes sure you get a donator kit regardless of what rank you donate/upgrade to.

Update: Moved our F1 menu in-game over to a new webserver.
Reason: This allows us to keep the F1 menus up to sync via real-time without requiring reboots or manual reloads that affect gameplay.

Patch Notes:
Patch: Removed a setting inside the MAGA plugin that was making baby dinos start wandering. Baby dinos will no longer wander due to plugin.
Patch: Fixed profile banners not being displayed by the donator dark theme.
Patch: Fixed some visual bugs reported with thread/forum editor not working with a dark theme.
Patch: Added artifacts back into the boss battle kits you get in-game. They were missing the artifacts needed to spawn in boss battles.
Patch: Re-installed the container for the event map since mods/plugins were failing to load correctly.
Patch: Lowered 3,000 points down to 1,000 points for the in-game kit. This was done since that kit now auto resets every 30 days and new shop items are being added in-game.
Patch: Applied a hotfix solution that was removing the verified ranks away from users in-game. Now when typing /setdiscord in-game and linking your discord account it should no longer remove the verified rank after an "X" given time.
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NakedZombo and the team behind the video game servers want to personally thank everyone for stopping by and visiting our forums. We strive to provide some of the highest quality ark survival evolved servers out there by giving you guys the best custom content to enhance your gaming experience.

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