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Hey guys, This Thursday January 14th at 5 pm EST, attempt to raid an admin base! A challenge you all have been looking for.


6 of our Admins will be appearing to defend this lovely base and it goodies, even Nakedzombo will make a appearance at this event, Do u have what it take to Raid this base?

(Admin Names) OG TheOwlSky, Blue_Light_King15, Seki Chan, Nakedzombo, and 2 other Admins


same it is in PC Rules-
3.1: No Meshing, or using exploits of any kind.

3.1.2: No mesh hitting or biting through walls or surfaces with the intent of destroying things on the other side illegitimately.

3.2: The use of unintended building mechanics for raids utilizing structures to build tunnels and enclose pathways into enemy bases bypassing enemy defenses with the intent of destroying them from close proximity.

3.2.1: No Pokers (Tames that aren’t able to be shot, loaded with c4 or allows a player to bypass turrets (Boxing in the rider is fine)) / C4 rafts or other tame/structure mixed strategies that seek to nullify or bypass turrets line of sight fully.

3.2.2: No Box tames / hatchframe, quetzals/racers, etc; tames / skiffs must be able to be shot and damaged from all angles

3.3: Using grapples to launch players isn’t allowed for raiding or pvping.

3.4: Maximum cage timer is 24 hours. (Rule does not apply if you are raiding, you can keep a player caged during the entire duration of the raid if it exceeds 1 day.)

3.5: You are not allowed to open-world “popcorn” this means mass dropping items from your base making a tribe unable to get well deserved loot. (This does not count for player kills in the open world, this is like popcorning cryos, vaults, crafting stations etc)!

3.6: Tribes are not permitted to “team” when it comes to PvP. This includes but is not limited to: joint raids against one or more tribes, defending a tribe from another tribe’s attacks to provide mutual defenses, coordinated attacks, stacking multiple raids / counter raids etc.

3.6.1: You are allowed to third party PvP engagements and raids as long as you are actively engaging against all involved tribes evenly and your tribe log proves this. If your tribe log is found to be overwhelmingly in favor of one tribe over another – this will be considered teaming.

3.7: You are not allowed to use over-cap items, you must wait until they are capped via server restart or transferring to be eligible for use.

the events is happening on Ragnarok, you can Scout it out, but I would ask that u dont Attack the event area until it the day and time for the event.

Goodies and supplys for admin will be set up before the event starts this Thursday

Good luck and have fun Dark Players
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